Friends of ASP

Friends of ASP

Friends of ASP
  • Meet The Pressers

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    Meet The Pressers (MTP) is a show hosted by Matt Mallory and Klint Macro. The guys, and their fellow trigger pressing guests, discuss firearms and self-defense education, products and accessories – as well as faith, politics, and political activism. The show is officially listed on IMDb as a talk...

  • Defenders Live

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  • Enter The Dojo: Seasons 1 & 2

    2 seasons

    Join Master Ken and his band of misfit students as they practice the devastating martial art known as: Ameri-Do-Te!

  • Coaches Collective

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    Frustrated by outdated dogma and fuddlore, several of the industry's rising stars come together to change the way coaching is handled on social media.

  • Dry Fire Basics (Dec 2023)

    A 90-minute webinar to introduce you to Dry Fire. Build skill. Build trust. Break thru the barriers.

    Class Notes:

  • Armed and Styled

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