Most Viewed ASP Videos EVER

Most Viewed ASP Videos EVER

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Most Viewed ASP Videos EVER
  • #1 Most Viewed ASP Video: Judo Skills Stop the Threat -P

    I can’t be sure if this defender actually has judo skills or if it’s just good grappling; either way, when his verbal judo and defensive fence failed, he got it done! Solid work. Funny part is that I ran this video by about a dozen judo trainers and got about 20 different answers as to which judo...

  • #2 Most Viewed ASP Video: More Proof that Evil Exists in Our World

    Thankfully the judge threw the book at this evil man. We can believe in the goodness of most people all we want, but the sad reality is that evil exists in our world. This is more proof of that. ESPECIALLY if you’re part of a vulnerable population (disabled, elderly, female, etc.) take the lesson...

  • #3 Most Viewed ASP Video: Colorado Officer Had to Be Fast

    This Colorado Sheriff’s Officer had to be fast to protect himself from the threat coming his way. 1.23 seconds from stimulus to shot, from duty holster! Could you do that?

  • #4 Most Viewed ASP Video: Store Owner Takes the Fight to Robber...Twice!

    When it’s time to resist an armed robber, make sure you take the fight to them. This store owner did it twice in one robbery! (not recommended but hey, it worked for him!)


    Attitude. Skills. Plan.

  • #5 Most Viewed ASP Video: Guard Beats Bank Robber to the Shot

    I wish every potential bank robber in America had to watch what happens to bank robbers! This guard did enough to win the day, though maybe there are a few things to work on.

  • #7 Most Viewed ASP Video: Pawn Shop Looky Lou Turns Into Robbery

    This robbery at a pawn shop is one of the weirder ones I have ever seen, but check the news stories linked below. The robber was clearly deranged. The clerk did some great things to keep himself safe, and we can learn some lessons to help us to get out of the danger zone as well.

    Raw: https://ge...

  • #8 Most Viewed ASP Video: Three on One Shows Important Lessons for Self-Defender

    This three on one didn’t go the way I expected for sure, but there are lots of lessons here for self-defenders. The Defensive Fence matters!

  • #9 Most Viewed ASP Video: Store Owner Gets the Drop on Robbers

    This store owner gets the drop on these robbers using awareness and preparedness. Solid work by him! Great stuff all around.


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